As of version 0.0.12, docsy-jekyll has support for basic quizzes! These are intended to help educate your users about the content of your documentation. For a quiz, you can add a new file to the folder _data/quizzes, and write a questions file based on the format shown in _data/quizzes/example-quiz.yml. Here is a simple example of a multiple choice question (which can also serve as True/False):

title: This is the Quiz Title
randomized: false

 - type: "multiple-choice"
   question: "True or False, Pittsburgh is West of Philadelphia"
    - choice: True
      correct: true
    - choice: False
      correct: false
   followup: | 
      The answer is True! Pittsburgh is 304.9 miles West of 
      Philadelphia, or approximately a car ride of 
      4 hours and 52 minutes. Buckle up!

The quiz is rendered with a “Show Answer” button below each question, and when the user clicks it, any questions that are flagged with correct: true will be bolded, and if a followup section is included, it will be displayed. See the live example at the end of this page.



If you include a title, it will be rendered at the top of the quiz. This is optional - you can leave it out and add it before the include on the page.


If you want your questions to be presented randomly, just add randomized: true to the data.

Example Quiz

If I want to include the quiz located at _data/quizzes/example-quiz.yml, I can do so like this:

{% include quiz.html file='example-quiz' %}

The rendered quiz is shown here:

This is the Quiz Title

What is your favorite color?

1. Red
2. Blue
3. Green

True or False, Pittsburgh is West of Philadelphia

1. true
2. false