Welcome to Docsy Jekyll

This is a starter template for a docsy jekyll theme.



GitHub pages uses Jekyll natively, so when I make documentation, I typically look for Jekyll templates. Why? Using Jekyll means that I can use markdown, and allow for users to easily contribute, and build automatically just by way of pushing to a master branch (or general GitHub pages). I found Docsy, a beautiful Hugo template, but it requires hugo with GoLang which doesn’t render natively on GitHub pages. For this reason, I’ve spent some time creating a custom Jekyll template that is (almost) as beautiful, and includes all the features that I might want.


What are these features? You should see the Getting Started

guide for a complete summary. Briefly:

  • User interaction including consistent permalinks, links to ask questions via GitHub issues, and edit the file on GitHub directly.
  • Search across posts, documentation, and other site pages, with an ability to exclude from search.
  • External Search meaning an ability to link any page tag to trigger an external search.
  • Documentation A documentation collection that was easy to organize on the filesystem, render with nested headings for the user, and refer to in markdown.
  • Pages A separate folder for more traditional pages (e.g, about).
  • Navigation: Control over the main navigation on the left of the page, and automatic generation of table of contents for each page on the right.
  • News A posts feed for news and updates, along with an archive (organized by year).
  • Templates or specifically, “includes” that make it easy to create an alert, documentation link, or other content.
  • Continuous Integration recipes to preview the site

For features, getting started with development, see the Getting Started page. Would you like to request a feature or contribute? Open an issue