The user guide provides more than 50 examples demonstrating the use of Jzy3D.


One time access

The user guide source code can be bought once for 49€ and can be payed via PayPal which supports both credit cards and payment from your PayPal account.

Once paid, you receive credentials to download the guide source code.

Yearly subscription

The user guide is constantly updated as the framework grows. Rather than getting a one time access to the source code, you may prefer to get a direct access to the Github repository. The subscription costs 79€ per year and per seat.

Once paid, you are invited to send us the Github accounts that should be invited to the Guide repository.


We made the guide 19€ for students. Please first send us a picture of your student card to get the Paypal link.

Free guide for contributors

The guide will be refunded to developers who participate to the progress of the framework. Let’s meet around your next pull request!